I can't get a system to load on my device?

Our systems are designed to work on the latest version of the major browsers including Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Safari and Opera. We do not support Internet Explorer. Our systems, like many other websites, make use of Javascript and Cookies.

If you are having issues with one of our systems please check the following:

1) You are connected to the internet - please try opening Google or another website on your device.

2) You are on a supported browser and have not disabled Javascript or Cookies.

3) You are not using a VPN, Ad blocker or other network filter which interferes with Google Cloud. If you are on a work PC please try using a personal device as some networks may block access to our systems.

If you are still facing issues please contact us.

How can I verify my email address?

We require you to verify email your email address to help combat spam and to prevent someone else using your email! When you first register on the system you should be sent a verification email which contains a link which will verify your email address.

If you don't receive the email or the link expires before you get chance to activate it, you can send a new verification email from your Profile - just click the Resend Verification Email button.

Please check your spam folders and that your email address has been entered correctly. If you still don't receive the verification email you can try sending a password reset from the Forgotten Password page.

How can I change my email address?

To change your email address head to your Profile and simply enter your new email address in the Email field and press Save. You should then be sent a new verification email which contains a link to verify your new email address.

Your email address will be changed immediately however you will not be able to book lessons until you have verified your new email. Your old email address will receive a confirmation email with an optional link to revert the email address change.

How do I setup a profile for a child?

Children should not register accounts on our booking systems - please see our terms and conditions. A responsible adult should register an account and complete their own details, they can then add a sub profile for each child.

If you visit your Profile page, you can select each sub profile or add a new profile using the options on the left. You will need to complete the details for each sub profile on the pop-up that opens. If your riding school requires a signature then a responsible adult should sign for each profile.

How do I cancel or amend my booking?

You can only cancel a booking online if your riding school has opted to allow online cancellations. You can cancel bookings from your dashboard - simply select the "Cancel" button for the corresponding booking. You can only cancel a booking online if you are giving enough notice to your riding school. If you are cancelling at short notice you will need to contact your riding school directly to help with this.

My Credit is showing as Pending, Awaiting admin approval?

If you had credit with your riding school before they moved to an Equestrian Systems Booking System then an administrator must add your existing credit - please contact your riding school directly to help with this. If you did not have any existing credit then you can top up at any time.

How do I request a specific horse or add a special request?

Please contact your riding school directly to help with this.

My Child's profile is showing adult pricing?

For a profile to be categorised for Child's pricing, the date of birth must be set correctly when the profile is validated. If you retrospectively adjust or add a date of birth then please contact your riding school directly so they can revalidate your account.

How are my Card details saved? Are they secure?

All of our systems which process card payments use Stripe as the payment processor. We do not store your card details, however we support 'Link with Stripe' which will allow you to securely store your card details using Stripe. Please see this Stripe article for more information.

If you have stored your payments details with 'Link with Stripe' please see this Stripe article for more information.

How do Semi-Private lessons work?

Semi-Private lessons are for small groups of riders who want a lesson together but without other riders. To book a semi-private lesson as a group, the first member of your party should select and book into the chosen Semi-Private slot. This rider will then receive an email with a link for the other members of the party to book in with. Simply share this link to other eligible riders.

How do I delete my account or unsubscribe from emails?

Please contact your riding school directly if you would like to delete your account.

If you would like to unsubscribe from transactional system emails please contact us directly. You can opt in and out of marketing emails from your profile.

How do I buy and redeem gift vouchers?

You can buy and redeem gift vouchers from the gift voucher page on your riding school's system. Only gift vouchers purchased online can be redeemed online. When you purchase a gift voucher online you will be emailed a link which can be redeemed up until the expiry date. The value on gift vouchers will be lost once expired. Please check the expiry time when purchasing as the expiry changes with each system. Please note the purchasing and redeeming user must have verified their email address. Vouchers will be redeemed as online credit.

How do I book block-booking slots?

Your riding centre may require block-booking for some riding slots; Block-booking slots require a series of bookings to be made in one go. These slots are marked with a calendar icon and say "block booking required". When you select a block-booking slot the system will ask you how many slots of that series you wish to book; the available sizes will be determined by your riding centre. Once you select the length of your series the system will add the items to your basket for you.

Please note that block-bookings can only be made sequentially at this time; please contact your riding school directly to book a non-consecutive set of bookings. Likewise, please contact an administrator to cancel a block booking.

How does pay on arrival work?

If you add bookings to your basket that have been marked as available for pay on arrival then you may be presented with an additional "Pay on Arrival" button. You will only be presented with "Pay on Arrival" if: a) all slots in your basket have been marked as "available for pay on arrival" by administrators. b) you do not already have sufficient credit on your account to pay for the bookings.

If you chose the pay on arrival option your online credit will be deducted by the total of your bookings. You will need to cover the balance when you arrive for your bookings or as agreed with an administrator. Please be aware that your riding school may not support pay on arrival.

How do I force-refresh?

If support have asked you to force-refresh then please use this guide: force refresh guide.

We're here to help!

For queries relating to individual riding schools please include which riding school you are from.