If you are new to an Equestrian Systems Booking System we recommend our Youtube playlist which will take you throught how to use the system.

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How can I verify my email address?

We require you to verify email your email address to help combat spam and to prevent someone else using your email! When you first register on the system you should be sent a verification email which contains a link which will verify your email address.

If you don't receive the email or the link expires before you get chance to activate it, you can send a new verification email from your Profile - just click the Resend Verfication Email button.

How do I setup a profile for a child?

Children should not register accounts on our booking systems - please see our terms and conditions. A responsible adult should register an account and complete their own details, they can then add a sub profile for each child.

If you visit your Profile page, you can select each sub profile from the drop down at at the top and then complete the details for that sub profile further down the page. If your riding school requires a signature then a responsible adult should sign for each profile.

How do I move or cancel my booking?

Unfortunantly you are unable to ammend or cancel a booking online at the moment - please contact your riding school directly to help with this.

My Credit is showing as Pending, Awaiting admin approval?

If you had credit with your riding school before they moved to an Equestrian Systems Booking System then an administrator must add your existing credit - please contact your riding school directly to help with this. If you did not have any existing credit then you can top up at any time.

How do I request a specific horse or add a special request?

Please contact your riding school directly to help with this.

My Child's profile is showing adult pricing?

For a profile to be categorised for Child's pricing, the date of birth must be set correctly when the profile is validated. If you retrospectively adjust or add a date of birth then please contact your riding school directly so they can revalidate your account.

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For queries relating to individual riding schools please include which riding school you are from.

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